Welcome to alliance DME & medical supply


Alliance DME is a full service Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply provider.  We specialize in Workers Compensation injury (s) (State and Government), Medicare / Medicaid, Commercial Health Insurance, as well as Letter of Protection claims. Our business is focused on helping the physician provide quality care concerning recovery from an injury or illness which may require a request for durable medical equipment.

Alliance provides prompt communication with you and your patient upon the receipt of a prescription.  The process for approval, delivery and placement of an ordered item will be conveyed to the designated staff in the physician’s office.  When an item requires pre-authorization please allow up to three business days to receive a response from the carrier.

An additional service that we make available is an in house “stock and bill” supply cabinet.  The cabinet is stocked with your most frequently ordered medical supplies.  Once you dispense an item to a patient, you will need to provide the following:

Alliance Prescription (Please Print the prescription form, fill out, and fax to (972-733-0997) **SEE PDF HYPERLINK**

Patient demographics with insurance information

Office notes with treatment plan

Diagnosis codes related to equipment prescribed

Alliance staff will take care of restocking the cabinet and billing each item(s).

Please contact us at 972-733-0392, with any questions or needs that you may have.